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High-quality Christian games with no ads, no chatrooms, and no additional in-app purchases.

Friends of Truplay

"Are you tired of your kids playing violent video games, seeing graphic content online and delving into questionable stuff in the world of screens? Are you looking for Biblical content that would teach your children values? Well look no further! I'm so thankful TruPlay exists, you are the solution to the problems I've been addressing around this globe forever"

Tina Griffin

The Counter Culture Mom

"TruPlay represents the first and biggest NFT release from a Christian tech company... selling out within 10 minutes of their release"

"Of course I endorse it and of course it shines the light of Christ, but it has the power of engaging gamers and the next generation with content that is transformative. Not only something that will entertain, but something that will inspire, inform and impart the truth of the reality of Jesus Christ as Lord. Tell your kids about it, because this can change their lives."

Sam Rodriguez

President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

"In a world that actively preys on the vulnerable hearts and minds of our kids, we must be intentional in providing them with high-quality, faith-formative entertainment. TruPlay understands that those who obtain a solid foundation of faith from an early age are more likely to become God-fearing fathers and mothers, husbands and wives. I’m grateful to TruPlay for making a bold choice to insert Christ into the gaming space and support the cultivation of healthy families in the future."

Ken Harrison

CEO, Promise Keepers

"About our upcoming Journey of Jesus game in development: "Journey of Jesus takes players closer to the life of Christ in a fun, reflective, and entertaining way."

Dr. Darrell Bock

Dallas Theological Seminary

"TruPlay: An embraceable gaming alternative"

"About our upcoming Journey of Jesus game in development:  "Journey of Jesus is marvelous because its much more than a game."

Pastor Jack Hayford

Founder, The Kings University Seminary

"I'm excited to tell you about TruPlay Games, a brand new faith based app for kids that includes animated shorts, digital comic books and a bunch of different games all made to invite children to experience God's truth. With TruPlay kids have fun in a world of safe and original content"

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure : The Podcast

"TruPlay is just one of several Christian outlets exploring how to use the world of gaming to not just entertain, but educate and inspire."

Rhymverse Characters


Charming, funny & determined bunny

Maple may not be right, but she is never in doubt. Her courageous, if impulsive, spirit gets her into trouble sometimes. However, if you want a loyal, caring friend, she’s your tiger bunny. Her faith in God never wavers. She may be a bunny, but she has the soul of a tiger.

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Sensitive & inventive skunk

Lucas can do amazing things with a pair of pliers and some wire, including making the coolest crocodile robot costume ever. He may be a small skunk, but his brain is way above average. But Lucas’s smarts aren’t enough to fix a heart broken by the loss of his twin brother, Chase.

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Intelligent & good-hearted fox

Oliver the fox knows very little about his origins. His only hints are his beloved book, which Oliver and his friends call the Book of Fox Facts and a compass pointing directions other than North. His adopted Bear family treat him just like all the other bears, but Oliver wonders who he really is.

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Sensitive & inventive skunk

A daring and ferocious athlete, Benjamin the wolverine, is a hero in the making. He wears a hockey helmet and gloves that look like a polar bear because he is a force to be reckoned with. He isn’t afraid of anything except maybe Whyrlwynds. Being picked up and carried off by one when
you’re just a cub will do that.

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Ava & the Mirror of Truth

Ava has recently gone through a lot in her life. It's left her feeling insecure about her place in the world. Where does she fit it? This puzzle game exposes the lies we believe about ourselves and shows us how to use God's truth to fight them. Join Ava on a journey through her bedroom mirror that becomes an adventure in her soul.

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